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Choose Your Own 2012 Conspiracy

Part 1: Sources of ancient wisdom

What did the Mayans, like the Egyptians, Incas and Sumerians all have in common? Besides loincloths? Yes - they all accurately prophesied a coming Earth-shattering event in 2012.

Part 2: Evidence of the coming catastrolypse

If you look hard enough, you can see important clues to the coming events of 2012 - some hidden even in plain sight.

Part 3: Evil agents behind the conspiracy

Who is responsible for the cover-up and impending global changes? Don't they probably have something to do with wealthy people we don't know personally?

Part 4: Vehicle of Earth's destruction or salvation

What will save us? Or destroy us? Or a little from column "A," a little from column "B?"

Part 5: How you can save yourself (or die more efficiently)

What can YOU do about the coming catastrolypse? Is there some knowledge you can use to survive, or least win your 2012 apocalypse pool?

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