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The secret identity of Fulcanelli?

Fulcanelli: Morning of the Magicians, Twilight of Alchemy, Late Snack of Doom

The Cross of Hendaye (CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FULL ARTICLE) is a key link in the evidence pointing to a 2012 end-of-the-world catastrolypse. The modern fame of the Hendaye cross is largely due to the work of "Fulcanelli," a shadowy figure purported to be a French mystic and alchemist. Fulcanelli's true identity has been hotly debated over the years, argued over by learned scholars of alchemy, students of The DaVinci Code and, for some reason, Frank Zappa. No, seriously.

Another secret identity?

Speculation over the years has included that he may have been a well-known physicist, a member of the French royal family, an artist and occultist, or even one of the "Sweathogs" from the TV show Welcome Back Kotter.

What do we know about Fulcanelli?

Two books about alchemy were published in France during the 1920s under Fulcanelli's name, the most famous being "The Mystery of the Cathedrals" (or Les anoraks sur le loup-garou in the original French). Other publications attributed to Fulcanelli include Dwellings of the Philosophers (or Les pamplemeuses de Jean-Luc Picard) and a final unpublished work "Finis Gloriae Mundi" or "End of the World's Glory," co-written with his protege Eugene Canseliet.

Occult authorities tell many stories about the elusive master alchemist, including unconfirmed tales such as:

Fulcanelli's fame ballooned in 1960 with the publication of "Morning of the Magicians" (or Quel dommages les pommes sont mauvaises in the original French), which provided a popular exploration of modern occult theories and philosophies for a mass audience and featured the Fulcanelli mythos prominently. This popularization led to a resurgence of interest in Fulcanelli's analysis of alchemical symbology as it could purportedly be found hidden throughout the world.

Remind me again why we care?

In his works, Fulcanelli described how the symbols of alchemy were secretly encoded into the Great Cross of Hendaye, a monument now found at an obscure church in southern France. As decoded by Fulcanelli, the Hendaye cross shows that ancient alchemists were able to tie together their knowledge of the cosmos with that of the Biblical Book of Revelations and the Hindu Yuga system of cosmology to calculate the approaching end of the world.

According to leading 2012 researcher Jay Weidner, the secret geometry of the Great Cross displays hypercubes, vortexes and tetrahedrons which allow us to directly calibrate the end of our current age. Following on the ancient knowledge of the alchemists, the Bible and the Hindus, we are warned that the birth of an entirely new age of humanity is upon us. To be honest I didn't completely follow it, but it looks like actual math is involved, so I'm pretty sure we should go along with it.

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